Congrats! You’re wanting to or preparing to welcome a sweet little one to your family. Regardless of what stage you’re in, thinking of the possibilities is an exciting time.
When you’re booking a newborn session, you’ll want to know a few things.

Details: The Newborn Session

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The Session Day:

A lifestyle newborn session is a time to document a new stage as-is. This means that I will come into your home and photograph your family living naturally. No, your house doesn’t need a makeover first. No, neither of you need to lose any baby weight. No, this will not feel uncomfortable. As a mother to two, I’m aware of what you’ll be feeling and know how to work with you as you navigate the new (or new again) moments of parenthood.

The images will capture your new baby and his or her unique features. I’ll direct you into natural poses that allow for “picture frame” photographs (smiling at the camera) but will also focus on the more intimate details: how little fingers wrap around yours, a baby cheek on your shoulder, your careful swaddling and more.

A session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. The length will depend on your family and what you’re looking for! A newborn photography session is meant to be a slow roll. You can feed your baby at any time, take few minutes to wrap and snuggle, and change diapers as they come.

Please let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to do during our time. Examples may include baby’s first bath, meeting grandparents, etc. This is an exciting time that I adore documenting.

Can we talk about this new one’s skin all squished up?

Can we talk about this new one’s skin all squished up?

What does your fee include?

You’ll receive my time shooting in the local Denver area, creative editing, and an online gallery with all (yes, all!) images available to be downloaded. While all newborn sessions are different, a typical gallery consists of 50-130 images. The image count depends on the temperament of your new baby, additional family members, and more.

The Nitty Gritty:
1. Please contact me a few months before your due date so that we can get you on the calendar. 25% of the total payment is required to get started. Then, we’ll both anxiously await your due date! You’ll help me stave off my own baby fever. Thanks for that!
2. After your new baby has arrived, please contact me right away. A newborn photo session is best scheduled within the first ten days. This way, your sweet baby is still very sleepy and snuggly when we shoot.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Send a little love note to get started.

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